Lenka Tsikoliya

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Ideas of Public SpaceThe Alienated LandscapeUniversal EncounterAn Artwork for the Park on Karlov
Performance Estranged LandscapeThe bridge. Occupated by KurtVideo Scene in the forest. The Kurt´s: The Studio of Universal Sculpture on Kurt Gebauer‘s Eightieth BirthdayTriangulUM 2021Visions of ŠluknovKAMILA ŽENATÁ and Guests: Event Horizon (Finale)
open-air workshop | wanderingdrawing | bridgeBicycle pathintervention | bicycle pathelective course at UMPRUM | Public spaceProgrammable Bending – A Research Pavilion, architectural design by Shota Tsikoliyacompetition | Memorial of Dr. Milada Horákováaesthetization of the Vrch Vitkov as a part of its future revitalisation, search for the appropriate alternatives of the future programPublic spaces Šafárikovo námestie and Fajnorovo nábrežie in Bratislavathe city and the mobilitytrunk 2009, 2015finding neverland: here i always touch the tree leaves, 2014 – 2015survey by the mental mapspreliminary architectural design project: new image of the square in Březová nad Svitavou 2013 / 2014diploma project – realizationscénář | Svižná konverzační rádoby komedie o zdlouhavém procesu porozumění si.step backPARC | artistic urban plan for Marseille in Franceabuse | around an axisštkaní 2012intruder – space for a changewhir of prager’s sketchvisible to the other onespring challenge 2012 final piece!25.1.2012 19:30frý-es-e-brrdIT eroticfootnote | what can happendisplaced exhibitioncrossing over sound wavesthe things around can see what is happeningwhere to place sculptures in kladno?at the discoVeškeré úřední zvládnutí | profilesrrromantikaobject | profilevoyage dans la sphere de ciel – ciel de spheres journey in the sphere of sky – sky of spheresobject  |  rozena