Lenka Tsikoliya

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3 October 2012 – 25 October 2012

Brno / House of Kunštát Lords / Galerie 99

medium: site-specific, interactive installation

dimensions: space of the courtyard |

real small scooter: 85 × 102 cm

gallery space: 18 pieces with size 17 × 16 × 17 cm produced by 3D print


When coming to the House of Kunštát Lords, one finds oneself in the limited space of the courtyard from which one can get to the closed gallery space on the ground floor. Both those rectangular spaces are divided by a wall with darkened windows and by objects which are randomly located along the wall (for example a dustbin, bicycles etc).


I want to highlight the relationship between those spaces, to study their mutual connection, and to perform an installation of two objects: an as if found kick-scooter in the courtyard and, inside the gallery space, its image, mirrored around an axis leading by the dividing wall. To achieve this I will be using 3d scanning and 3d printing technology.


The precision of the gallery installation, given by the digital methods, allows the observer to built easily a relationship to the object and thus to comprehend its context.


The observer can understand the process of the object transformation as a digital ready-made and to project his own images and experiences on that background. It is the same reality as is outside, but still a little different. He can realize: on this background of precision something else is visualizing, perhaps the observer himself. Now he can project another objects to this room, objects which are real behind the wall, outside.