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the city and the mobility

Czech Technical University / Urbanismus VI / U6 Tendence 2015
project superviser: doc. Ing. arch. Irena Fialová

Cities all around the world are affected by the negative influence of the individual automobile transportation on the environment, safety and quality of the public spaces. Modernist solution to those problems was a construction of new high-capacity highways or expansion of those allready existing. According to a research (Kurfurst, 2002), construction of new highways does not lead to the reduction of the transportation dencity, but, exactly the oposite, leads to the increase of the transportation. Although the mobility is increasing with the construction of the new highways, it does not reduce the average time on the road and neither it increases the life quality; instead transportation becomes a self-purpose activity, which takes a significant part of the day. Availibility, which is crucial for the quality of life, is generally higher in the cities, with well organised and prevalent public transportation system, with well-defined options for the pedestrians and bicycles. We are researching several alternative solutions to the transportation problem and generally public spaces of the city. The proposed alternative are supposed to be more sensitive to the environment and public health, safer, more attractive and potentially more just from the economic point of view. We are interested in the strategies and measures, which would lead to the reduction of the individual automobile transportation and would support alternative ways of transportation. We are also interested in the effects, which those visions can have on the city.  

First task: Place-making – a role of the art in the creation of the space in the localities with high dencity of transportation.
In several cities art is a part of the transportation networks and their surroundings (Boston, New York,...) (link) Artworks integrated in the transportation structures. Are there artworks in Prague or elsewhere, which are primaly oriented to the car-drivers or people in public transport? Are they enriching the quality of life in the city? 

Second task: Analysis, evaluation and conceptual design of the given locality in Prague.
Ulice Plukovníka Mráze between Hornoměcholupská × Horolezecká (uncomfortable and unsafe crossing, revitalization of the surroundings of the bus stop is required, parking spaces etc.)

doc. Ing. arch. Irena Fialová