Lenka Tsikoliya

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The bridge. Occupated by Kurt

former shopping centre Slezanka, Opava

21.08.2021 – 30.09.2021


The exhibition combines the work of students with the work of sculptor Kurt Gebauer. E.g. his swimmer, A study of the Running Girl, or A model of the Bird that decorates the public space in Opava.


Forgotten places in the landscape create a romantic impression on every person who travels through North Bohemia or Silesia. Beautiful nature is a positive aspect of life compared to the problems we encounter in the city. Cross-border meetings with foreign neighbors take place in the countryside. In recent years, joint sightseeing events have been recorded on new cycling trails.


I consider the cycle path to be one of the possible platforms for generating cooperation. As a circuit, the cycle path repeatedly crosses borders, mediates the experience of borders and makes cross-border cooperation visible.


In the Fukov area, I highlight a difference between the border determined by the river Spree and the border as a human construct, which does not create natural physical barriers between us. In places where the state border crosses the Spree, I propose bridges.