Lenka Tsikoliya

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visible to the other one

9 May 2012 – 25 May 2012

Gallery K4 | AAAD Prague

medium: installation

dimensions: three projectors, three computers, three tripods


Installation consists of three projectors. Although projectors are normally used as an instrument of a visual presentation, the installation does not focuse just on this function. Their objectiv is a representation of their mutual relationship.


Not only the projectors by the means of chain of certain technical steps create a light and project nonphysical digital information but also produce heat. The heat rises as a secondary phenomenon which accompanies the creations of the image, which was known of the begining of projection (Platon, Camera obscura).


In this sense projectors are the instrument of the „thermal sculpture”. I use the secondary effect of their original purpose as a creative medium. I mirror the process in which because of the prime light the secondary heat is created. I work with the source of the light and the image as with a producer of the areal physical experience. The instrument of digital technologies because of its heat production is compared to a living organism with thermoregulation abilities. If, as we do it with art, we decompose this relation of the instrument and the living body on the function and the form, we might find that the function of the thermal radiation in the both cases is similar, though one form is as the living one and the another is an industrial object. I have decided to insert into the industrial form of life simulation of the individual thought – by the means of a certain indication of dialog, their virtual conversation, which is more of soliloquy referenced to the own essences. Text point out parallel process of creation and expansion of the light and the heat, which in both cases is visualized in one perception.


The observer is confronting a loop, in which the presenting text are explaining the ongoing process and the image of the heat is a materialization of the projecting texts. It is the physical experience and the interpretation (the heat and the text). It is a materialization of the image of the light and the heat. Projection of the two texts creates a thermal sensation, which is suggest by the third projector, and so the next image is created. The image of thermal creature.


Installation in the club K4 has to brink an obscurity to the visitors and switch their position to the one of exhibits. The room is divided on two smaller parts. Sculpture “Visible to other” is an individual organism in the first part of the room and in the second part is a sitting area as it is usually for this club.


Projector 1 broadcast this text:

Light is a second kind of ray, it is a similar to the alive movement. Lamp creates the light which go through an optical lens. Lens directs the light to a chip. Reflection from the mirror. Human eye perceives an images. Its value depends on the process.


Projector 2 broadcast this text:

Heat as the shift of the lines is a moment of the complex action. It is transition of energy during of the interaction of systems of different temperature. Virtual creature is changing its position. From the center of the body to the moving limbs. Human eye perceives an images. Its value depends on the process.


Projector 3 broadcasts an image:
Fulfills its basic function.