Lenka Tsikoliya

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trunk 2009, 2015

exhibition and concert hall in the church of St. Antonin of Padova, Sokolov October, 13th – November, 5th 2015
medium: object
dimensions: metal mesh, led strips, height 130 cm


Luminous object in the church of St. Antonin of Padova attracts attention with an ambivalent spatious character. Monumental shape of the cylinder contrasts the materiality of the metal mesh, industrial character of which is supplemented by a natural pattern of the wood. Typology of the column and its transparent materialisation in combination with the luminous elements creates a hybrid of the heavy and the light, the spatious and the flat, the industrial and the natural. Sillouets of the young people shine with the basic colours, red, green and blue, and breaks the white dominance of the surroundings. Geometrical, typological and luminous ambivalence deconstructs the integrity and questions the certainties of baroque space.


Shota Tsikoliya