Lenka Tsikoliya

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elective course at UMPRUM | Public space

Course supervisor: Kurt Gebauer

Lecturers: Kurt Gebauer, Lenka Janušková, Jan Trejbal

In the time of unnatural field isolation, the object of interest is to return the fields that have jointly solved the space of the villages and the countryside together, trying to bring to them the skills and knowledge that the activity now requires. These are mainly subjects of architecture, sculpture, arts, design, landscaping, transport engineering and social sciences. After the first semester, there was a clear interest to this course from students and consultants not only from UMPRUM. Student projects also showed the inspirational complexity and richness of this field.

Emphasis is placed on critical thinking regarding the state of the present society and the perception of space through the prism of an art-oriented person who would like to be involved in influencing the surrounding environment. The course also includes an analysis of the problems encountered by artists in their urban or rural environments (for example, collaborating on various projects, placing sculptures and objects in the public space, performing arts, especially in relation to the activation of a society, etc.)