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aesthetization of the Vrch Vitkov as a part of its future revitalisation, search for the appropriate alternatives of the future program

Students Workshop Vítkov Hill – Landscape Art?

Organizer: Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague | Filip Šenk, Dan Merta


The Artist's Question

How are my questions affected by my time, location, culture, language, etc.?

How do we evaluate communication through the art?

Is art about making connections?

What is imagination?

Is creativity imperative to communication?

Is it imperative to development?

What is the relationship between emotions and creativity?

That is, is something that evokes emotions creative, and vice versa?

How does my art reflect my specific personal, social, political, and cultural background and context?

What has been the expected role of the arts, and how is it changing, or how will it need to be changed?

What is the quality of art?

What value system do I use to measure quality, i.e., is it "good" because it is expensive, it is large, it has prestige/class, it is fashionable, or perhaps because it is political, or social, etc.?

Should the arts be socially engaged?

Should it be a temporary sculpture or a short-term intevention?

Where would I like to spend every morning from Monday to Friday?

On which bench I would like to have a snack?

Which place is good for taking pictures?

By which tree we have taken pictures?

Which tree did we always touch?

On which bench did we sit, when it started to rain?

Which path do we take when we go for a walk?

Which street do we take with a friend?

Where do I meet mothers who put their children to school?

Where one could get mugged?