Lenka Tsikoliya

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at the disco

September 2010
Sculpture studio Bubec in Prague
medium: object
dimensions: aluminium alloy metal sheet, length 116 cm, depth (width) 144 cm, height 230 cm


Transformation of a photograph into a real space (into reality). The photograph has been arranged so it would evoke a dancing party atmosphere, where a laser beam illuminates and rasterizes dancers in regular intervals.


The transformation of an area into an object is done by careful transformation of shortened lengths from the printed photograph, in accordance with the applicable linear perspective laws.


The object demonstrates how a view of one man may be different from a view of another man who is looking from another angle. The object shows that a photograph depicts a moment that captures a moment in time and emotion. For me it was important to show that something could go from two dimensions to three dimensions. You can’t feel it, you can’t touch it, the digital world as it is. For me this is an expression of how I would like the digital space to be. The sculpture was set up in a space that is used for alternative dance parties, a lot of people meet and interact here. During these parties, lasers are projected onto people. The installation is my interpretation of the party, going from two dimensions to three.