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Visions of Šluknov

The project deals with the interdisciplinary cooperation of architects, artists and social anthropologists in shaping and understanding the image of Šluknov. It is an annual research and creative activity focused on the city's social space. The aim of the project is to stimulate the active interest of the inhabitants in their city through the work of architects, artists and social anthropologists. One of the tools to help with this is to create interactive websites. I called the website Šluknovské vize and it can be found under http://sluknovskevize.lenkatsikoliya.com/.
Thanks to the successful cooperation of students from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and the Institute of Sociological Studies of FSV UK, the research was carried out in the form of mental maps on the basis of which the website was built. The website focuses primarily on architectural designs that relate to the social space of the city. The proposals are divided into three districts - the center, the housing estates and the green surroundings. In each district there is a presentation of the area, views on the area, architectural designs, comments of the inhabitants on the proposals and a call for involvement in the activities of the Šluknov Development and Environment Department.
The involvement of the inhabitants of the town and its representatives took place during a public discussion and exhibition in Šluknov Castle. The November presentation of the architectural designs for Fukov will be a major part of the strengthening of communication, coupled with a participatory workshop where students of architecture and social anthropology will meet again.