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štkaní 2012

9 – 19 August 2012

former Textilana factory | Nové Město pod Smrkem

medium: summer workshop


The association is held together by ties of friendship and an inspiration in art. We started this organization five years ago. The main project for this association is an open summer gathering where we all make art in the public space. The public space we choose each year, is a space that has been neglected. Stkani started off as a single event, yet has now developed into a series of collaborative continuous events that span the whole year.


During the summer we motivate participants to work with any neglected spaces they might find. People in the cities and town react differently to the modifications to the spaces we bring, feedback from the locals is always interesting. By the end of each event we’ve established some sort of dialogue between the locals about the space and the association. Often the councils and people have not noticed the potential of these spaces and welcome ideas on changes to the public space.