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displaced exhibition

9 June 2011 | Kipling Estate, London
LCC BA GMD IMI year 2 | Tutor Joel Karamath


The space above the garage was originally designed as a public area for the locals. It is used for recreation and socializing premises and helps to form and maintain the sense of the community for those who live close to the high-rise building. However, the area was closed to the public in the late 1980s due to safety and health protection concerns. We created an exhibition here showing some possible uses for the space. People from the buildings brought objects that would bring people and their common interests together. I put branches on a lamppost, to express the need for less concrete and more greenery in the space.


random tree
medium: installation
dimensions: street lamp, tree branches, height 350 cm


The visual game demonstrates what our eye perceives as reality. Optical illusions of an object consisting of a street lamp and tree branches.


Rope from clothes for the situation where a teenager from the Kipling Estate wanted to go out with friends at night.