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PARC | artistic urban plan for Marseille in France

Art Intern at Erik Göngrich & Cora Hegewald in Berlin


January 2012 – December 2013

Quartier créatif Hauts de Mazargues | Marseille

medium: recherche-action, actions publiques, publications



PARC – this term is not meant as a national park, amusement park, Le Parc de la Jarre*, or much less designed immobile park Hauts de Mazargues.
Is is more over ancertain game, when the words are the ideas, which we have when we hear the term “park”. The art project Le projet artistique PARC** is playing with this complexity.


PARC – avec un twist

What about the PARC? A group of artist have started a research, where it borrows visible and concealed from the public space by observing, discovering, taking photographes, notes, sketches.


PARC – is an approach how to realize a specific project, which is a model of itself.

It is a research of the influence, which certain artistic activities can have on the evironment. This research is performed by the artists in their residence, in the specific context with a help of the professionals in the group, which allows at the development of the construction during the project process. With the tests being performed in November 2012 and April 2013, the recherche-action will come public by the means of actions publiques in June 2013.


PARC is also a collection of the images, ideas, notions, schifts and directions, sketches and words. This fragments of the project process will be documented and included into a publication, the next constructive aspect of PARC.


These are the three foundations of the art project PARC.
1| PARC – recherche-action
2| PARC – actions publiques
3 | PARC – publications



So can we consider for a huge park a town, if it includes the social housing districts, detached residences, gated communities, bastions, vague spaces and commercial locations?

* Le Parc de la Jarre

The future park, which is a part of the urban inovation project.

** Le projet Artistique parc

PARC is a project, which is a part of the creative quarters in Marseille – Provence 2013.


1 | PARC – recherche-action
From January 2012 three artists and an architect are exploring de Hauts de Mazargues. They share an interest in the public spaces and the influence of the artistic interventions, which go beyond the border of the traditional thinking, the questions of the urban planning approach and the way of the conventional use of the public space.