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competition | Memorial of Dr. Milada Horáková

Authors: Martin Kocourek, Lenka Janušková


The abstract composition of the memorial of Dr. Milada Horáková symbolizes her attitude towards the totalitarian society. It symbolizes defiance and active resistance to totalitarianism. Vertical tubes represent a totalitarian regime. The horisontal tube symbolizes resistance and freedom of Milada Horáková. It has a viewfinder as a telescope. In it there is a name of Dr. Milada Horáková. Milada Horáková had a vision of freedom at a time when there was no hope. These high moral values ​​are eternal as the stars in the sky. That's why her name appears in an imaginary telescope.

Technical description

The composition consists of iron tubes welded to the final composition of site. It will be anchored insitu into a concrete base hidden below the ground level. The surface treatment of the iron will be done in such a way that the surface does not degrade over time but at the same time leaves the crude appearance of iron.