Lenka Tsikoliya

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where to place sculptures in kladno?

Spring 2011 | Kladno
medium: short-term installations
in the urban landscape


A small industrial town on the fringe of Prague. Plastic bags litter the public spaces and are blown into the branches. This is an expression of the public space in the town of Kladno, Kladno was very industrialized during communist times. Factories are now in ruin and Kladno has become a place for people that can’t afford to live in Prague.



medium: object, plastic bags, branches of a tree, standard flag holder
dimensions: height 171 cm, width 56 cm

For the first draft object, I have used photographs of plastic bags and similar things such as a ball or a piece of clothing stuck in the branches of a tree. A plastic bag on a dead tree branch surrounded by a block of flats in the green grass.



In this installation I wanted to highlight the similarity between the appearance of the windows in the buildings and the look of computer screen. I thought to ask people in the flats to give me their print screens, so that what is on the screen would be on the grass.