Lenka Tsikoliya

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diploma project

September 2012 – June 2013
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague / Studio of Sculpture


Spatial Art Activity in the Urban Practice / Public Space in the Regions and in the Centre of the Metropoly, Their Differenciation, Comparison and Appropriation (Re-imagination).


Project results in the presentation of the research of three chosen localities based on spatial practice. Spatial practice can be considered as a common ground of the architecture, urbanism and art. It involves the research and the transformation of the urban space, includes planning, civil involvement, art practice and activism, re-imagination of the urban space and its possibilities.


Interdisciplinary project will try to answer the questions; What is included in such a practice, how it addresses metropolis or small towns? How can the activity of the city initiatives with minimal financing and uncertain legal status be a part of the long term city planning? How the public desires to use their public space?


The topic is presented by the research of three localities:
1. Artistic urban plan – Marseille / les Hauts de Mazargues
2. Architectural urban plan – Prague / Kampa
3. Desire lines of public - Město Březová nad Svitavou / Moravské náměstí


Typologicaly speaking, my attention is directed to the open for the public, outdoor urban spaces – spaces shared by everyone.